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Landscapes and Cityscapes

Landscape photography is just an excuse to go places and wander around.  In my case, I have to go places for my day job--so what to do when I get there?  In London, I walk around one of the most scenic cities in the world, full of historic buildings and monuments.  And London pubs.  The English have the best pubs in the world, and I'm determined to visit all of them.  Just to take pictures, of course.  Shanghai is a different world: I'm rarely there in the evenings, so I see the city under blazing sun and polluted skies.  It's still fascinating. 

At home, well, San Diego is known for it's beauty.  I have photos of La Jolla Cove, Sunset Cliffs and the city skyline--and a few shots of the historic sailing ships Star of India and HMS Surprise at sea.